• GPP 99 CE Prana Chi Generator For Yoga - Meditation - Mindfulness - With 5.9 Hz Frequency Setting - GPP99CEPrana
  • GPP 99 CE Prana Chi Generator For Yoga - Meditation - Mindfulness - With 5.9 Hz Frequency Setting - GPP99CEPrana
  • GPP 99 CE Prana Chi Generator For Yoga - Meditation - Mindfulness - With 5.9 Hz Frequency Setting - GPP99CEPrana
  • GPP 99 CE Prana Chi Generator For Yoga - Meditation - Mindfulness - With 5.9 Hz Frequency Setting - GPP99CEPrana

This is a Prana Chi Generator that pulsates Positive Vital Life Force Energy at 5.9 Hz. The GPP 99 CE is ideal for putting yourself into a relaxed state of mind for any type of Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness work. It comes with a 5.9 Hz frequency setting.

This device employs the latest Technology in Quantum Physics, which was developed by HSCTI (Hyper Space Communications & Technologies International). It extracts and harvests the Life Force Energy from the vacuum of the Universe and it accumulates it (like a capacitor) and pulsates it at 5.9 Hz.

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    Important Note: Before adding this item to your cart, make sure you make the proper selection to include a pair of TC99 Transfer Couple or not.

    We recommend adding the TC99 Transfer Couple so you can have your Prana Chi Generator at home and if so you desire to go Meditate or do Yoga anywhere else outside your home (like at a remote location), where you have no access to a power outlet, then you can use one Pair to leave it at home with your Prana Chi Generator and carry the other one with you. The energy transfers at a distance in Realtime To anywhere in the World (or the Galaxy)! Make sure you don't misplace any of the disks. If you do, you would have to buy another pair.

    To energize yourself at a distance, plug in your Prana Chi Generator to an outlet (with the included USA 110-120v power adaptor) and slide one pair of the TC99 Transfer Couple into the output pipe (sold separately). You can either slide in the rectangular one or the circled one into the output pipe of your Prana Chi Generator. The other pair, you take it with you. You can put it in your pocket or slide it into one of your socks (so you won't lose it). The Prana Chi Energy will transfer at a distance in Realtime as long as you have the Generator plugged-in at home. Don't worry, the generators can be plugged-in and on 24/7 with no problem. They are designed to last for more than 20 years! Even though all of our Prana Chi Generators come with a 2-year warranty, we haven't had any problems with them in more than 15 years!

    Yes, we have been manufacturing these Prana Chi Generators devices for more than 20 years now. They were for the longest time only accessible to a very selected group of people. Until recently, they have been available for the mainstream and general public. So now it is the perfect time to get yours!

    This is a Prana Chi Generator that pulsates Positive Vital Life Force Energy at 5.9 Hz. The GPP 99 CE is ideal for putting yourself into a relaxed state of mind for any type of Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness work. It comes with a 5.9 Hz frequency setting.

    Just like the JU 99 CE, the GPP 99 CE is affordable and contains all the essential elements of the larger and bigger Prana Chi Generators. It's excellent qualities makes it a powerful utensil for all of those who can't afford a more powerful, bigger and more versatile one, but nevertheless take seriously the act of making important changes in their lives.

    Benefits Of Prana Chi Generators

    A Prana Chi Generator maintains a feeling of peace, harmony and tranquility inside a living space, either at home or at the office. This is caused by the Life Force Energy pulse of 7.83 Hz (model JU99 CE) which is Earth's natural frequency pulsation. In this technological era, we have electronic devices all around us and being exposed for long periods of time to all this electromagnetic radiation, it strips us away from our Vitality and Life Force Energy, which in turn leaves us feeling tired, low on energy and fatigued. We have also lost our connection with Earth's natural energy, which is being blocked by all these electromagnetic radiation all around us, thus a Prana Chi Generator in our home or office re establishes that Grounding connection we all need everyday.

    This equipment also provides with a good amount of Vital Energy which is excellent in the use of all types of Energy work, such as Reiki, Feng Shui, Homeopathy, Acupuncture and other types of Energy therapies at a distance. It is also excellent for any Law of Attraction mental and visualization work. The Prana Chi Energy provides you with more power to manifest your desires. Perfect as well for any spiritual work.

    The JU99 CE 7.83 Hz Prana Chi Generator also offers the following extra benefits:

    • Energize & Saturate with Positive Life Force Energy the water that you drink. Water is programable & is very conductive. For this reason, it responds favorably to the Prana Chi Energy coming off of our Generators. Our body is composed of 70% water, so drinking water energized and saturated with Life Force Energy provides us with more Vitality. It provide us with more endurance and better performance for our daily lives
    • Obtain more Energy & Vitality
    • Counteract Fatigue & Jet Lag
    • Excellent for any type of Spiritual work
    • Relaxation, liberation of stress
    • Helps with the development of new and better habits
    • Increase in self-esteem
    • Efficiency in information retention in the study & learning fields
    • Generates an environment of peace and harmony. A peaceful and harmonious environment means a better relationship with family and friends
    • Obtain balance & harmony in your home and office
    • Increases the effectiveness in any artistic and creative work such as in music composition, songwriting, music productions, working at the studio with other musicians and in any other areas of the Arts like painting, acting etc.
    • Increase optimism
    • Perfect for Grounding
    • Gain Spiritual strength
    • Develop leadership
    • Develop communication skills
    • Increase your intuition
    • Increase musical talent
    • Obtain more Mental Energy & more Emotional Control
    • Good for creative inspiration
    • Obtain emotional strength
    • Success in business
    • Marketing success
    • Obtain more discipline and training
    • And so much more

    What is Prana or Chi Energy?

    Prana Chi Generators are with no doubt, the Evolution, Continuation & Betterment of Orgonite.

    The same vital energy force (life force energy) that exist in nature and all around the Universe, has received different names throughout the course of human history:

    In India it is called Prana
    In China it is universally known as Chi
    In Japan it is called Ki/Qi
    In Hawaii, its is called Mana
    In Occident is known as Od (Reichenbach)
    Wilhem Reich called it Orgone
    Mesmer named it Animal Magnetism

    In the Modern Western world, other terms used to describe Life Force & Life Energy include "Orgone", "Tachyon Energy", "Zero Point Energy", "Vryl or Vril", "Magnetic Fluid", "Odic Force", "Solar Ether", "Bio-Energy", "Eloptic Energy" and others. In the living organism: Chi-Energy, Qi, Ki, Od, Bio-Energy, Prana, Life Energy, Life Force etc. Every culture has its own name for the -basically- same energy.

    How Does It Work?

    There is a mystical energy that fill-in every particle of the Universe and -permanently- surrounds us. It is the basis of life from which all was emanated. We are surrounded constantly by invisible energy (EMF, gravity), including an omnipresent, creative and mystical one, from which all was emanated and -among others- can assure (physical and mental) health, personal development, happiness, balance, harmony and wellbeing. This is the Life Force & Life Energy.

    To -consciously- perceive and take-on this energy-form, could present a real help-, and may offer also many advantages and benefits, beside others, -persons- who do not know about- and do not use this energy. Our Life Force & Life Energy equipment (Prana Chi Generators & Orgone Generators) -during function- generate- and emanate Life Force & Life Energy.

    Throughout history, humans have used Life Force & Life Energy for several many purposes.

    This use of Life Force & Life Energy was always the result of practical experience. Wise people in the far East (China) called this Life Force & Life Energy "Chi" or "Qi" and they developed many techniques of self-improvement from this knowledge such as Tai Chi and Chi Gong / Qi Gong. Japanese named it "Ki" or "Khi".

    People of ancient India call it "Prana". The practices of Pranayama and Yoga evolved from the knowledge of Prana. In Polynesia, this mystical energy was called "Mana", in many cultures it was perceived as "Psychic Power" and as well as Life Force.

    With the establishment of scientific principles and scientific thinking, many researches examined the phenomena of Life Force, Chi-Energy and Orgone-Energy and they developed specific theories with which they explained their observations and practical applications.

    Being one of the first technologies of humankind, it naturally became part of humans' religious belief systems, very similar to the use of fire, the making of metals, and natural phenomena, all of which eventually became part of science. Therefore, most of the time the practical application of Life Energy, Chi / Qi or Orgone, was linked closely to the religious creed of the culture where it was used. Wilhelm Reich, inventor of the modern Orgone Accumulator, has shown that Orgone - as he called Life Energy, is a primordial cosmic energy. Orgone is universally present and it can be demonstrated visually, thermically, electroscopically and by means of Geiger-Muller counters.

    Based on the works of Mesmer, Von Reichenbach, Karl Hans Welz developed a Life Energy & Life Force Generator (Chi Generator & Orgone Generator) , which was the first technological device in the human history able to generate this energy. As you -probably- know, your Power is -always- dependent on your available Life Force & Life Energy.

    Using the technology to which we are introducing you here, you will be able to have much more life energy available. Consequently, by now, you are able to control it where and when you want to do so. Obviously, to have more Life Energy available means that you have more Power and consequently you have more Control of your reality than others around you. This is the Power to control and to manifest your reality with overwhelming success!

    To understand the advantage that this Power, i.e., Orgone Energy, can give you, imagine the following:

    Bring a native in from a remote jungle to a city. The electricity will not work for him until he realizes that this button turns on that light and that switch turns on this radio. Naturally, for him the effects of electricity are "magic." His friends who never learned how to flip a switch have no access to this magic whatsoever. By now, most certainly you know that it is your Power that carries your decision, obeys your command. This Power is a manifestation of the Life Force & Life Energy (Chi, Qi, Orgone) that you have available.

    Now, imagine that you can project a large amount of continuous Life Energy to any one or more of the areas in your life or goals that you like to improve and strengthen. Naturally, with added Life Force & Life Energy you significantly reduce the time and the effort it would normally take and, of course, you can have much more control over these areas.

    You want to know by now how this is all possible. You find the answer when you think of people whom you know. Some of them are radiating energy wherever they are and it is obvious that they are successful in just about everything they initiate. Others toil, their noses to the grindstone, to get the bare necessities for life. The difference between these two extremes is in the energy levels of each person and in the ability to generate and use Life Force & Life Energy.

    Usually generated subconsciously, Orgone Energy and the stamina coming with it can be decisive when it comes to achieving success. Until now, the knowledge of how to generate Orgone Energy and how to consciously harness it for success was kept from the common people.

    Karl Hans Welz, the inventor of the Prana Orgone Chi Generators (JU 99 CE Chi Generator With Pulsation at 7.83 hz, Schumman Resonance Shown Above), continued with several experiments and deep research on the use of Chi Energy and he discovered that this same Life Force Energy it's capable of transporting and amplifying human thoughts, statements, feelings, intentions and so much more. This means that in any spiritual or visualization work, with the intention to manifest or to attract something into our lives, while meditating and using an Prana Orgone Chi Generator, this same pulsation of Life Force Energy is capable of transporting our desires and amplify them and send them towards the Universe so they can manifest successfully. Karl then discovered that Prana Orgone Chi Energy is more useful than once thought and that it can be used for many and different applications, specially when was able to continue doing research where Wilhelm Reich couldn't.

    The Universe is mental, everything is energy. Thoughts are energy, emotions and feelings are energy, intentions are energy and they all vibrate at a frequency. Prana Orgone Chi Energy when it is being pulsated, it has several positive and outstanding attributes, just as we mentioned before:

    • It Amplifies thoughts
    • It Amplifies emotions
    • It Amplifies intentions and desires
    • It can be sent at a distance in realtime

    Karl Welz discovered in several studies of Quantum Physics that Prana Orgone Chi Energy can be sent at a distance from one place to another in realtime through Hyperspace (Quantum Teleportation) using structural links. This has been now recently proven in several studies about Quantum Physics, it is called QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT. This means that it does not matter how far we separate a particle from another, if one is stimulated, the other particle being even thousands of miles apart, it shows the same reaction from the stimulation of the first one. This means we can "Teleport" Prana Orgone Chi Energy at a distance from one place to another in realtime. This is NOT Science Fiction, this is a REALITY. We can make a Live Online Skype demonstration about this.

    Please have a look at this short TED video explaining how Quantum Entanglement works and that it has been scientifically tested and proven as real

    Prana Orgone Chi Energy can be transferred at a distance only when it is being pulsated using structural links. A structural link exists between two particles that come from the same source. As in the example explained in the video, human DNA extracted from someone is a structural link to the person whom it belongs to. These means that blood sample, hair, nail clippings, sweat and anything coming from the body of a person contains their DNA and this DNA becomes the structural link to that person. A picture of a person also can be used as a structural link as even though we cannot see or capture the human Aura with regular digital cameras, the energy field of a person it's still within the picture and so the picture becomes an instant structural link to that person. With a Prana Orgone Chi Generator we can send Life Force Energy using human samples and photos as structural links. It doesn't matter where the person is in the world, the energy will transfer at a distance in realtime.

    Karl Welz also discovered that we can attach or embed into this same Quantum Transmission Wave of Energy at a distance thoughts, emotions, ideas, intentions, trends and so much more and since Prana Orgon Chi Energy amplifies these, they will produce and effect and travel through Hyperspace to anyone at any distance in any part of the world or the galaxy. This can be either a person or an animal, plants, a place or thing and all in realtime using structural links.

    Let's analyze and take a closer look at all the implications this has:

    This is where both Quantum Physics and Metaphysics bond to each other. In Quantum Physics, Quantum Entanglement plays a big role in action at a distance. Quantum Entanglement means that when one particle of energy is divided in two, they both stay connected to one another at the Quantum Level. A type of "invisible" cord connects both particles in space and time in realtime. It doesn't matter how far away we separate them, they both will always remain connected to one another.

    The Universe is made out of energy, it is pure energy. The material world is energy. All solid material objects are in essence energy that has been condensed and solidified. Material objects are made out of sub-atomic particles, atoms that contain protons, electrons, neutrons and so on and so forth. Solid material objects at the Quantum level, they are composed of thousands or millions of sub-atomic particles of energy condensed into a small space in time that are part of a whole, in this case, a material object.

    From a pencil, a pen, a desk, candy, a drink, dinner, a computer and everything else that we perceive as "material", it's simply solidified and condensed energy and they all obey the same laws of Quantum Physics, including the Quantum Entanglement theory mentioned earlier.

    We human beings, in this case the human body that is made of meat, it is solid material and it is composed as well of sub-atomic energy particles. This energy is alive, and it is called Life Force Energy. Human body cells are alive and they are, have and emit Life Force Energy (Orgone/Prana/Chi).

    We are spiritual beings, we are pure energy, pure thought. The human body is only one of many "Virtual Bodies" or vessels in which it allows us as spirit beings to have this human experience in a "dense" and materialistic world. Through the mind, we manage our body. The subconscious mind for example, regulates and maintains all of our internal organs in movement and active, such as breathing. This happens so unconsciously and automatically that we don't have to be thinking, focusing nor concentrating that we have to "breathe" all the time.

    Mothers usually can tell or perceive when one of their children is in danger or when something is wrong with them. This is because children come from the womb of their mother and it is the mother whom it is carrying this new human being which is in process of development. This is why in general children have more of a connection to their mother than their father and vice versa the mother with their children than the father with their children and so on and so forth. What we could call as "Mother Intuition", which is when a mother knows when her child is in danger or in some kind of pain or distress, this is nothing more than QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT in action.
    The bond between mother and son or mother and daughter is strong and even after the children were already born and out of the womb, the spiritual connection and the bond is still there all the time. This is where science and spirituality meet.

    This is VERY interesting.

    It is through Quantum Entanglement in which Karl Welz discovered that Life Force Energy (Prana - Orgone - Chi) can be transferred at a distance to any part of the world or the galaxy for that matter, to people and places through identical structural links. This means that we can make/create connections at the Quantum level with people, places or things. A human cell contains all the necessary information about the structure and identity of a person, or about the specific person whom a DNA sample is extracted from his or her body. A human cell contains the DNA of the person and also this cell has an energy field that radiates information about it's own structure and identity just as a WI-FI Hot Spot does, it transmits it's own ID Name all the time to announce that "I am John Doe" I am made of this and that and I am like this and that. There is memory and information about it's own organism as a whole in each and every cell of our bodies and each cell carries millions of data and information at a Quantum level about us, just like DNA does.

    Every cell in the body has an energetic vibration. The frequency vibration of the cells in the human body have a lot to do with the emotional state of the person, his or her thoughts about him/herself and others, what she/he eats and drinks and also from all the people and environments he/she get in contact with. Through the 7 Chakra points in the body, these energy centers, they all express within themselves each one in it's own category the way that Life Force Energy (Prana - Orgone - Chi) manifests in the body and in every cell in our body. The Chakras at the same time determine the color, the vitality and the health of our Aura and at the same time that of our body as a whole.

    How Can We Send Life Force Energy Orgone Chi Prana At A Distance To A Person

    It is not really necessary to extract something from the body of the person we want to send Prana Orgone Chi Energy to at a distance to do it. Nevertheless, when we get samples from the person like saliva, blood, nail clippings, a strand of hair or anything else that is part of the body of the person, these are the best identical structural links that we can use for sending Prana Orgone Chi Energy at a distance with a Prana Orgone Chi Generator. For the transfer to be successful, it is necessary that the Prana Orgone Chi Energy be pulsated at a frequency, it doesn't matter which frequency, but the fact pulsating it determines the direction and and path in which is going to travel to.

    The best type of Prana Orgone Chi Energy transfer at a distance is obtained through the the use of identical structural links such as blood samples, a strand of hair or nail clippings. This is because at the Quantum Molecular level the cell contains all the necessary information about the person and through Quantum Entanglement, we can transmit or send energy right straight to that person putting any of the samples mentioned on a Prana Chi Generator or on a Radionic Machine with an integrated Prana Chi Generator (all Karl Welz Radionic Machines have one or more integrated Prana Chi Generators depending on the model).

    The transfer of Prana Orgone Chi Energy in this case will be immediate and in realtime. The sample or samples used, at the Quantum level receive the energy coming off the Prana Chi Generator and this energy transfers and travels in realtime at a distance to it's equal part, the target person. Since the blood sample or whatever was used belongs to that same person and was extracted from him or her, a Quantum Entanglement connection was already made from and to that person and so it can be used for the effective transfer of energy at a distance. Anyone who has bodily fluids or any type of human samples of you, can use them in this manner and others to send you Prana Orgone Chi Energy at a distance from anywhere in the world. Things get really interesting when we know that in the transmission of Prana Orgone Chi Energy at a distance we can also embed or insert in the transmission and send along with it frequency vibrations, thoughts, emotions, sound, ideas, statements, desires, feelings and so much more all at the Quantum level. By the use of Radionics with a combination of Prana Chi Energy, we can even manipulate energy fields at a distance. This is the spooky action at a distance that Einstein did not believe it was possible. It is now a reality.

    When we cannot obtain samples from the person such as blood, hair strands, nail clippings and the like, we can use an equivalent structural link, such as a photo. A regular digital camera captures at the Quantum level the energy field the human body emits from the person whom we are taking the picture from (Auric Field). Even though there are special cameras (Kirliam Photography) which capture and let us see the actual human Auric Field to determine the person's vibrational frequency and or vitality and health as a whole, a regular digital camera also captures the energy field coming off the person and all his or her Chakras and from all the cells in her/his body. This means that the picture or photo of the person becomes the structural link to that person and that we can send or transmit at a distance Prana Orgone Chi Energy for beneficial purposes. We could also use Radionic techniques to insert in the transmission and send to the person at a distance with just their picture trends, astrological energies, frequency vibrations, sound affirmations, statements and so on and so forth. Any audio converted into a radionic rate (Like from the powerful Rad 5 Radionic Machine with 5 Super Powerful Integrated Prana Chi Generators or Performer 2400) and sent in a Quantum transmission using Prana Orgone Chi Energy and a picture of the person as structural link, such information the audio contains (like affirmations or statements) will be converted into Prana Orgone Pulsation Energy Wave Patterns and aid in the manifestation process.

    When we cannot obtain a photo of the person, we can make a mental connection to that person and this is also valid. This structural link is also valid due to the fact that if we know the person, we've seen them before, we know what they look like, what their voice tone sounds like etc, our mind has captured their image and just as a digital camera captures all the details of a person, our mind also captures all this information. In our memory we have a mental image of the person with all of its qualities and with all the perceptions about that person. So in other words, within the mental image memory of the person, his her energetic auric field has been also registered along with the image of that person, and then we can use that memory image to create a structural link directly to the person by just using our mind. With our mind we can bring the memory of this person to our conscious mind, we can visualize the person with our eyes closed or opened for some, and once we bring the image of the person in present time in our minds we can create a structural link by making a scribble on a piece of paper while focusing on the image of the person. Since thoughts are energy and energy is all around us, we can extract and transfer at the Quantum Level with our minds the energy field of the person in a mental image and transfer it onto paper by doing any type of scribble or by writing their name down on this same paper while focusing on them. Once we get the scribble done or their name written down, then we can use this structural link which is valid just as a picture is and we can send Prana Chi Orgone Energy at a distance using the scribble or name on paper by placing it in a Prana Chi Generator or Radionic Machine.

    We can do the same with animals, plants, places or things. We can create Quantum Entanglement or structural links this way at will.
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